HangoutQueen Manifesto

Expertise of the “Hangout Queen” and who benefits from the training:

There are many people who do an excellent job of “staying-in-the-know” on hangouts. That isn’t the objective for our training… Wait, let me explain…

The difference between that type of training and HangoutQueen training is in teaching production (how to do it during and after the hangout) and business application.

My background? I completed my professional sound engineering at what is now the Los Angeles Film School and beyond that have more experience that I would like to admit (so many YEARS of experience!). Our team of two (includes my husband) have over half a century of live sound and recording/mixing experience. We have worked with industry people in Los Angeles and Nashville, in film as well as sound engineer on Billboard charting albums. Incidentally, I would love to name drop, but 1) I don’t do that, out of respect for the celebrities, and 2) there are some places we have helped where there have been less than 20 people privy to it and we are not allowed to tell. I know, easy for folks to think, “Yeah, right. She is just blowing smoke.” However, my respect for people is what gives me success in life, even at the cost of “benefitting” by spilling all. I will sacrifice a few dollars for the dignity of others.

Social Web Cafe uses Seaside Records sound studio (private), which includes the video studio. Our team spends more time in the sound studio, sound booth, videography studio, than other places, even including time online!

When we interview people for Social Web Cafe TV, we work with them on lighting, sound, and background. We also help them with presentation skills and getting over their fear of being on camera. My background (education) in psychology aids in understanding where people are coming from and helping them to relax.

Whereas some people focus on the hangout portion (which is important!), we take it a step further, teaching people how to take Hangouts to the “next level.” We also give ideas, business-wise, on how to implement that plan. We listen to our clients’ needs and we provide solutions that work for them. When someone comes to us and says, “I want to use hangouts for webinars,” we offer a complete package of how to use the hangouts, how to implement that within their business model and meet their own defined business objectives. We even help them work through how to define their own objectives, rather than providing some “cookie cutter” response for their business. Our goal is to provide the tools, if they want it, to make it look like they are on an Oprah Winfrey show while doing their very own hangout! And, to keep it simple, while they grow in their own expertise.

For someone who just wants to do a “hangout” and only wants to know how to work all the bells and whistles and have fun.. Well, HangoutQueen training is not the solution. That could easily be covered by free training and some of the basic training available on the internet.

But, if someone wants to do something with their hangouts and really take it to the next level and do it professionally, during the hangout as well as post-production.. Then, that is HangoutQueen.

I don’t claim to know the newest news as it ripples through the G+ platform, but I’m pretty sure that our experience and expertise on the professional end is a bit different from what most people find out there. Especially since our background is working in Hollywood and helping directors and actors, actresses, etc. with their technology.

We just want to share the love, for those who haven’t had the benefit of that exposure or expertise. So, we offer it to you, in our HangoutQueen training and allow you to feel like the King or Queen for the day, with YOUR hangouts.