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Letter from Deborah

Dear Friend,

So many times, I hear people talk about doing hangouts. I even see them attempt. So, what is it that is holding them back from full success?

Some hand-holding know-how! And, with that, they can soar.

I KNOW how to solve your problem of hangout hiccups because, basically, that is what I do.

I could show you countless bumps we have had to overcome to reach that success and I can spare you those bumps and hassles because I have gone through them for you. I am here to help you avoid the gotchas and prepare for the unknown that sometimes creeps up in Google+ Hangouts.

I am here to give you checklists, templates, prep ideas, post-production ideas, to make all of this really smooth for you.

Why pay for my curriculum? Because, without it, you will have to scrounge for the info yourself, and experience the bumps. You don’t want to lose that $500 per production client because you had an opportunity to learn how to avoid the pitfalls. Just think. For the price of only 2 productions (for which I can provide one-on-one coaching), you will learn how to be a pro. The rest is money in YOUR pocket, and the sky becomes your new limit.

So, let’s get learning. Shall we?


Deborah Experienced the Bumps So You Don’t Have To!


Oh, I have some doosies I could show you. Success wasn’t instant. But, through the pitfalls, I created a system that I could do in my sleep (and sometimes wonder if I have done it in my sleep!).

I pulled together all of the resources and checklists and templates to create a repeatable process when doing hangouts, including promotion before-hand, during, after, and post-production. Now, it is a well-oiled machine and I really could do it half-asleep!

Hangout Training by

Inside the training site, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember):

  • Confidence in how to step up and run a hangout on air smoothly.
  • How to get the best looking video possible and how to coach your clients.
  • Tips and Tricks on turing disasters into successes.
  • How to use Hangout tools to enhance and maximize the experience.
  • How to create branded videos without spending extra money.

Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that will solve your hangout needs that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out the training for 30 days (10 lessons) and if you haven’t experienced notable benefits, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at Contact and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. You may also use the Skype link on that page to reach me, as well.

And Then There’s More…


Tell you what. If you purchase now, I’ll throw in some USEFUL bonuses that I have personally created, (NOT some freebies that are available throughout the ‘net) that complement your training.

Weekly Premium Audio Downloads

Listen to the premium podcast, weekly:

(Annual value based on monthly: $95.88)

  • Marketing Tips for your business.
  • Positive Thinking to help you “keep going” and gain perspective.
  • Social Media tips, as well as social event (i.e. Twitter Chat) ideas.
  • Hangout insights.

2 Hours of Premium One-on-One Coaching

This is the same coaching that clients pay Deborah $500 to receive. You get 2 hours, included in your training.

(Value: $1000)

  • Impress your client! Have Deborah and the team help you during your client hangout!
  • Let Deborah and her team be your “silent behind-the-scenes ace-in-the-pocket.”
  • Take notes during the training and ask Deborah for more in-depth training.
  • Utilize Deborah’s methods for coaching on what will work best for your business.
  • Break it into two sessions of coaching throughout the program.
  • You have a year to decide how you want to spend the time with Deborah and team.
  • Your choice! Personal one-on-one coaching where you need it most!

The value I’m offering you today for my training access, along with all the bonuses is really a no-brainer. They can easily cost over $2000, with only four hours of instruction. This is what clients pay Deborah. You are getting more hours of instruction, with how-to video tutorials, written instructions, access to Deborah and her team, as well as audio pep talks and one-on-one time with the team. All for half of that price! – which I’m sure you’d agree is a steal.

So go ahead and Clicking the Add To Cart button below to start learning how to get your hangouts off the ground successfully.

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They know their stuff!

Working with Deborah and Michael Anderson in creating our video interview for Sheryl Brown Art and Sheryl Brown Wearable Art was the some of the most fun work I have ever done.

Mike’s quiet and expert work in the background setting up all the lights and cameras, as well as angling how I was to sit was so smooth and seamless, it was quite relaxing. Not to mention some brilliant still photography of the silk scarves themselves.

The interview itself with Deborah was delightful. Her questions were beautifully framed and made our conversation come out completely natural and informative. I would work them again in a heartbeat..!

Sheryl Brown

Love tuning in!

Madalyn says, about the podcast, “This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’m always looking for great, useful social media marketing tips and this is the place for it. Kick back and tune in. YOu won’t be disappointed!”

Madalyn Sklar

But wait… there’s more!!

Don says, about the podcast, “Deborah Anderson is not only the vivacious host of Chats, Hangouts, and Podcasts galore … she is also the world famous jazz singer, Deborah E. Trust me, folks, this woman can sing. Check her out on ReverbNation for a real treat.”

Don Sturgill


PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like, simply contact me at Contact and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. You may also use the Skype link on that page to reach me, as well.


Want To Spread the Payments?


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Deborah was given the nickname "Hangout Queen" after her discovery of ingenious ways of using Hangouts to get the message out to the masses. As a result, she is putting together tips, to help you, whether it is a hangout, webinar, or other related live streaming/recorded video opportunity. In the meantime, download the "Boost Your Energy" ebook (absolutely free!) to ensure you are ready for the starting gate!